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Hello, I am Charlotte Left, sometimes known as 'The Marmalade Lady.' I am an Instagram Consultant and Social Media Manager and started Social Marmalade in 2018 after a long career in the travel industry.


How did I go from travel to Instagram? It all started when moved out to Hampshire and decided to do a course and learn more about social media, as was a huge gap in my marketing knowledge. I actually focused on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, but I discovered the real opportunity was on Instagram and being the social media dinosaur at the time, I took  my time to really research, test and understand how the platform works so I help others feel more confident using it to. It remains a HUGE opportunity for individuals, small businesses and brands who want to get in front of and engage with their ideal audience on a small budget. 


I have spent the last four years working with and training hundreds of small businesses, individuals, marketing teams, and brands with their launches and social media strategy. I am finding Reels are the main focus and I have been producing content for a select number of clients as well as running private workshops and personal 1:1's. If you would like to see some of the brands I have worked with tap here. 

'My mission is to see individuals and businesses feel really confident with using Instagram to help grow their business . It is all about finding that magic formula, being realistic with your resources and being authentic so your audience will love what they see and hopefully become customers'

If you want to talk to a no-nonsense, fun & friendly social media consultant about your social media or next campaign, do get in touch or come along to one of my workshops.

Charlotte Left
Social Media Manager and Consultant
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